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Celebrity Movie Review

We all know that Eva Longoria is one of the big stars in Desparate Housewives, but what we don't all know is that Longoria also does movies as well!!! Her most recent flick titled The Sentinel. The synopsis of the story happens when a colleague is murdered, Secret Service agent Pete Garrison is put in charge of the investigation, but Garrison himself becomes a suspect after he is blackmailed by someone who knows of his affair with the first lady. Stripped of his duties and now basically a runaway, Garrison races to prove that he is guilty and save the president's life.


In the Sentinel Eva Longoria plays rookie agent Jill Marin, who is working to help a veteran agent played by Keifer Sutherland, catch her mentor which is played by Michael Douglas. The movie takes conspiracies to a whole new level. Sutherlands character is convinced that agent Pete Garrison had an affair with his ex-wife. On top of that David Breckinridge(played by Keifer Sutherland) also believes that Garrison is part of an assassination plot! I mean wow this movie is just on big conspiracy in itself. When I saw this movie i definitly couldn't take my eyes away from it, because your not to sure what will happen next. This movie in a way reminded me of the flick "All The Presidents Men" which is about the water gate conspiracy involving US president Richard Nixon. The bad part about this film is only that it's way too clear in the beginning what the end is going to be. In a way it is like getting a present on christmas that wasn't wrapped at all! I am going to recommend to all you readers out there to definitly check out this movie Eva Longoria is amazing and pretty much has the best co workers EVER! Besides the whole unwrapped christmas present deal, I would give this movie a 5 out of 5 just because I love Eva Longoria, and a good scandal!!!

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